The Beginning of the Blog!

Hello everybody, and welcome to the the new blog! I see there’s already a post, thanks Homer!


Although there are already a small menagerie of physics blogs out there, I thought the world could use one with physicists at the beginning of their “careers”. Hence, this blog is made up of grad students and postdoc(s) only. We offer a unique perspective, etc, etc, but really we’re just more fun than the rest of those <i> other </i> physics bloggers. In forming this blog, I tried to ask and invite friends of mine who were: 1. ridiculously cool and 2. from some diverse areas of physics. Without further adieu, here is “Imaginary Potential” :


Helen Czerski is a postdoc at UCSD. She does bubble physics. She got her Ph.D. at Cambridge University, where I consistently beat her in squash (though it should be said that she was actually Cambridge’s #2 badminton player). She used to do explosion physics, which made for ridiculously cool demonstrations, but changed to bubbles because of moral qualms. That’s just the type of gal Helen is. She is also the world famous inventor of the “Einstein Flip” (


Homer Wolfe is one of my earliest collaborators. We started our groundbreaking union in 2002 with the barnburner “The Taylor Expansion of a Riemannian Metric” (, available exclusively on my website). After that, our collaborations have mostly consisted of getting drunk and yelling obscenities at each other. He’s finishing up his Ph.D. in experimental particle physics at DESY.


Homer Reid is the second and final Homer in my life. He’s finishing up his Ph.D. at MIT in something that involves “large-scale DFT and QMC-based electronic structure calculations,” whatever those are. As his website ( will attest to, he’s a man of many talents. Also, before I knew him, I had “referenced” solved textbook exercises from his site more than I care to admit. In his spare time, he enjoys progressive house music and cuddling.


Tom Jackson is a theoretical condensed matter physicist, getting his Ph.D. at Yale. I met Tom back in 2003 while we both suffered though Part III in Cambridge. He used to have an excellent blog in operation, but now when I go to the address, it seems to be in chinese.  I’ve seen Tom use the exact same costume to portray andy warhol and carl sagan, both perfectly. Tom is the kind of man who is consistently hilarious and impeccably dressed.


Bonna Newman is finishing up her Ph.D. at MIT in experimental atomic physics. Together, she and I lead the Women in Physics Ambassadors program here. She does all the work while I reap the glory. This essentially means that all single available women at MIT physics are constantly throwing themselves at me. Bonna’s hobbies include controlling the physics department behind the scenes and flying planes.


I’m David Guarrera and I do string theory at the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT. I am very much in the midst of my Ph.D. Like, there’s not even an end in sight. I used to write a blog,but it died when I got too lazy. I’m hoping that having more than one blogger here will solve this problem. 


Anyway, that’s us. I am humbled and honored to be blogging with these fine physicists, and I look forward to years of insightful commentary and worldwide physics blog fame. 


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