Signal to Noise Problem

I wasted an hour on Google today, coincidentally looking for a signal to noise extraction method. Why you ask? Because the CDF/D0 collaborations decided to name the thing the “Matrix-Element Technique” Thanks yall. searching “Matrix Element” returns 100% of your papers, and combining with technique or method returns 50%. I finally found a thesis describing it, and guess what: I’m fairly sure its just multiple discriminant analysis. Sure, they generate the discriminant table with s-matrix elements, and convolve the detector smearing, but that’s like renaming the process of baking “egging” just because one recipe calls for eggs.

Speaking of which, who named root? Most HEP work machines have a /root directory on them. Luckily root is centrally managed, so I can search it fast, but I wonder if the Linux community gets slowed down searching for help forum entries by all the CERN garbage.


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