DOE to award $13.7 M for Solar Power Tech

Today, the Department of Energy announced that it will award $13.7 Million for 11 university projects that develop Photo Voltaic Devices. They write :

These projects have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of electricity produced by PV from current levels of $0.18-$0.23 per Kilowatt hour (kWh) to $0.05 – $0.10 per kWh by 2015 – a price that is competitive in markets nationwide.

Don’t start writing applications. They’re announcing the winners. Hey Bonna, MIT is on there. Is that your stuff?


2 responses to “DOE to award $13.7 M for Solar Power Tech

  1. Weeeee! That is me. Or at least me next year. It actually won’t be my specific project but it is my lab!

  2. That’s awesome. Could you explain a bit why this initiative is explicitly just photo voltaic tech, and not other solar power?

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