SUSY QCD/Seiberg Duality Reading List

The supersymmetry club is hitting Seiberg Duality this week! In preparation, I’ve been rereading the very good Argyres notes (here linked is strictly the ’96 Weyl spinor version; If you want the Majorana version, I might ask you, why do you like unhappiness and pain, sir (or madam)?), and also the book by Terning (which I find less helpful on first reading, but very beautiful once I sort of know the stuff already).

 I also tonight started reading these notes by Strassler, which (though I’ve only read the first fifteen pages or so) are freakin’ incredible!  Why did nobody tell me these notes were so good?! (Answer: Tom and Qudsia have been telling me to read these notes for weeks now). For those who mournfully don’t know about the beauty of Seiberg Duality, there will surely be an explanatory post to follow. I seem to use lots of parentheses in my posts…. 


One response to “SUSY QCD/Seiberg Duality Reading List

  1. From my own obscure and malevolent plans, I’d prefer to hear of more research in the renormalization flow for the case N_f = 2 N when N=3. I find intriguing that nature has N_f=6 but really “almost 6”, because the mass of the top quark seems to be qualitatively different of the rest. So from some point of view reality has N_f=6 but from other point of view it has N_f=5. And on other hand, a value N_f=4 does not meet the bound N_f > 9/2

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