Boozy Marketing Gimmick

I’ve been spending a few evenings at the lab in the last two weeks, and eating a lot at the on-site bistro. While the change in management of on-site food services to Sodexho a year ago has actually increased quality*, its also increased the corporate cheeze-factor by an order of magnitude. Lots of dishes in the bistro have baseless names like the “PETRA** Burger” (just a burger, but it comes with onion “Rings”***). If you’re ever in town, might I recommend for a digestif, the Beschleuniger (Accelerator):

They won’t tell you what’s in it, but it tastes to me like crème de menthe and apple liquor. This doesn’t explain the opacity, but at 2 €, it aint bad.

*In my opinion. Canteen bashing is still a popular method of winning trust among DESY folk.

**Local Synchrotron, but the same tunnel where gluons were discovered in e^-e^+\rightarrow 3 jets by the TASSO collab.

***Get it? Get It? Man, I hate quotation abuse.


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