Quantum Mechanics in Your Face

If, today, you feel as if you should be doing work, but don’t really want to do any, may I suggest a video of a Sidney Coleman Lecture: Quantum Mechanics in Your Face? You’ll learn and be entertained.

The lecture is fantastic and consists of the late, great Coleman discussing a version of Bell’s theorem (which is much easier to understand than the standard treatment), and then going on to discuss the “mysterious” “collapse of the wavefunction”. It’s great stuff. All that’s required for enjoyment is a basic undergrad QM course…


2 responses to “Quantum Mechanics in Your Face

  1. Thanks for finding this! I was at Harvard when Sidney was giving lectures on this, but never quite managed to go — always regretted it.

  2. Uh Oh, we both blog too. Anyway, I was lucky enough to experience the Coleman lectures on QFT first hand, and they were awesome. In those days despite some heady names teaching at some other institutions, people pretty much flocked to his class from all around Boston. I’m glad that some of his genius was preserved for other’s enrichment.

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