Podcast Self Promotion!

Sorry for the long time since last post. Today I have a shortish lunch talk to all types of physics graduate students. The talk was titled “Physics at Strong Coupling: Why String Theory and Supersymmetry are Ridiculously Cool, Part I,” with future parts to follow in the coming years. The talk went ok, I hope I convinced some graduate students that string theorists are not completely crazy.

But maybe now I can convince you! A friend helped me make the talk a podcast, with audio track and all. You can subscribe to it (and future, podcasts, I guess) here. Hitting “subscribe” on that page imports it into your i-tunes. Let me know if you enjoyed it! I guess, also let me know if you did not enjoy it…


6 responses to “Podcast Self Promotion!

  1. What happened to the May 13th post? I’ve been waiting for part 2 and now it seems that part 1 has gone and dissapeared!

  2. Sorry April 27th I’ve found it. But still…

  3. This is good, you should definitely do more.

    Although it’s definitely exaggerated when podcasting versus standing in front of people, it’s a good idea to use the slides for outlining and then give the details as you talk. This way your audience can pay attention to you rather than your slides but still have an understanding of the larger point you’re trying to make.

    Gordon Watts posted about some slide presentation pointers as well recently: http://gordonwatts.wordpress.com/2008/05/28/giving-a-good-talk/

  4. Nicely done. (Well, there was that strange buzzing midway through, which gave an impression of, “This podcast will self-destruct in 30 seconds. . .”) One suggestion: how about a list of references for further reading? I have a stack of review articles on AdS/CFT which I found by dint of citation hopping and which I’ve slowly been parsing, but I’d certainly appreciate a few pointers into the arXiv.

    My only formal instruction in string theory was Zwiebach’s class for undergraduates, five years ago. Now that I’m surrounded by “interdisciplinary” and “complex systems” people, I have to learn these things stochastically, by making a pest of myself on the Internet. . . .

  5. David Guarrera

    Hi Nick and Blake,

    Thanks for the comments!

    Nick–I agree; I did a bit too much of saying what I put in text in the slides. Apparently this is a cardinal sin, but I don’t find it as annoying as other people do.

    Blake–where did the strange buzzing come in (as you might tell, I haven’t listened to the finished product!). I’m not an expert on AdS/CFT, but what I do know is from the classic “Large N Field Theories, String Theory and Gravity” (http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/9905111) and Witten’s “Anti De Sitter Space and Holography (http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/9802150).

  6. David Guarrera

    oh, the buzzing is my cellphone ringing. The ensuing confusion is me trying to pause the recording and failing.

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