Coffee is very important for grad students.

2 responses to “Coffee

  1. I like the artistic link. For the sophisticated palate, the most expensive coffee($150 a cup), comes from the Kopi Luwak beans. The coffee beans are hand-picked from the ‘organic matter’ passed through the stomach of the asian civet cat. Hmmmm…not sure if its served as a dark or light roast.

  2. Impressive artwork. For my part however I’ve moved on to caffeine pills; 20 oz. of strong drip coffee in two pills (400 mg) for about 10 cents. The lift feels purer too – supposedly coffee has a whole melange of slightly mind-altering chemicals in it, some of them actually mild depressants.

    Occasionally I’ll get some good coffee or brew a cup of tea, but now just for the taste and warmth.

    alchemy: I’d hope light roast; dark roast would be like getting an expensive steak well-done.

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