Hello everybody, and welcome to Imaginary Potential! We are six physicists from a variety of fields who are either writing our Ph.D.s, or are working as postdoctoral researchers. The blog is pretty new, so we’re still ironing out our vision(s) and its target audience, but we hope you’ll find something interesting and enjoyable. Here’s a little bit about us and what we work on.

  • Helen Czerski is a postdoc at UCSD, currently working on bubble physics.
  • David Guarrera is a Graduate student studying string theory at the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT.
  • Tom Jackson is a theoretical condensed matter physicist, getting his Ph.D. at Yale.
  • Bonna Newman is finishing her Ph.D. at MIT in experimental atomic physics. She hopes to use her many years of counting photons in a dark physics lab to save the world from itself, by designing a new more efficient solar cell.
  • Homer Reid is finishing up his Ph.D. at MIT in “large-scale DFT and QMC-based electronic structure calculations.”
  • Homer Wolfe is writing his Ph.D. in experimental particle physics at DESY. His work is centered around the structure of the proton and QCD jets.

2 responses to “About

  1. One small request: would it be possible to have a RSS feed for this blog? It would make it so much easier to read when a new post is made!


  2. You’re absolutely right Jacob! A blog without a feed is like a milkshake without a straw. I added a link on the sidebar in a very sloppy way. Thanks for reading!

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